Healthy Edible Fruit Treats for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching the Edible Fruit Bouquet team have put together a few healthy fruit alternatives to trick or treat your guests with at your Halloween Party. So, take a look at a few of our favourites below and give them a go for yourself.

Edible Fruit Frozen BooNana Pops Halloween

“Boo”Nana Pops

This is a nice and simple recipe, that not only looks great but tastes great too. And although this is made with white chocolate (only half an ounce for each pop), it’s much healthier than sweets, and certainly a frozen Halloween snack that the kids and everyone will love! This is a fun project to make with the kids and what kid doesn’t like chocolate covered bananas?

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Edible Fruit Halloween Clementine Pumpkins

Clementine Pumpkins

This one is scarily easy to make, simply peel a clementine or small orange if that is all you have. Then insert a small piece of celery into the top so that it looks like a pumpkin stalk and there you have it. Quick, easy and healthy for all the family.

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Edible Fruit Halloween Treat, Puking Monster Melon

Puking Melon Monster

There are a lot of creative watermelon and pumpkin displays out there, but this one is my far our favourite. It’s actually pretty easy to make, too. The only carving required is the monster mouth. Use the watermelon and then any other fruit of your choice to fill and let spill out of its mouth for display.

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Happy Trick or Treating,

The Edible Fruit Bouquet Team

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