Tips For Fruits!

What are vitamins?


Edible Fruit Bouquet arrangements contain lots of Vitamins, because our edible fruit bouquets are full with exotic type of fruits and not only .Vitamins are molecules that are vital for life. They act as essential intermediaries , or catalyst , to support the enzymes involved in all metabolic reactions in the  body. If you intake of any vitamin is low  metabolic deficiencies will eventually result. Our fruit baskets are healthy gift. You will send to your friends or family not only love,  health as well.

Foods containing pro-vitamin A carotenoids such as betacarotene, include yellow-orange fruit like oranges and mandarins .

Vitamin C is mainly found in fruit such as blackcurrants , berries, kiwi fruit , citrus fruit ,mango.


Oranges contain:

–          Vitamin C

–          FIbre

–          Folate

–          Limonene

–          Potassium

–          Polyphenols

–          Pectin


Long recognised as a potent source of Vitamin C , oranges are considered by most to be tasty , juicy and perhaps too familiar.

Our fruit bouquets brings oranges and other citrus fruits back to centre stage as crucial components in a healthy diet.

Oranges originated in Asia thousands of years ago and have become one of the most popular fruits the world over. Christopher Columbus brought orange seeds to the Caribbean Islands in the late fifteenth century , and Spanish explorers then brought oranges to Florida in the next century. About two hundred years later , in the eighteenth century , Spanish missionaries brought oranges to California. These two states remain the primary producers of oranges in the US.

The story of how limes and the vitamin C they contained saved Her Majesty’s sailors is familiar to many people. It’s an interesting tale of the power of food and the importance of getting a wide range of health – promoting nutrients in your diet .

Citrus flavonoids which are found in the fruit’s tissue , juice , pulp , and skin are one of the reasons for the health – promoting attributes of citrus fruits and the reason that the whole fruit is so much more healthful than just the juice .The power of citrus flavonoids is dazzling . They ‘re antioxidant and anti  -mutagenic .

Citrus fruit – along with kiwi , mango , grapefruit and 10 other fruits – won’t ripen after picking . And a bright orange colour doesn’t necessarily mean ripe : oranges are routinely gassed and dyed for cosmetic reasons . Splotches of green on an orange are nothing to worry about . The heavier and smaller the fruit ( and , usually , the thinner the skin) , the more juice contains .

Eat fruits, be healthy!

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